Why a blog ?

Opposed to a static website, a blog is an accessible medium that is just as lively as a journal as we regularly update it with our “tickets” which allows a true interaction with our visitors.

Why this blog ?

Our love for decoration made us want to take lessons so we could learn about its golden rules. Following this experience, it seemed evident for us to share our discoveries whilst being on the lookout for the latest novelties/tendencies, so you could in turn share them.

Why “ArtyMooï ” ?

When we decided to create this blog we already had one and the other a proprietary name, “A new jewel” and “100manières”, so it seemed natural for us to unite them but today we continue the adventure simplifying the name and signalized our passage in the Netherlands with the name “ArtyMooï.”

The name choice ?

ArtyMooi symbolizing our artistic trend, trendy, trend setter footprint of our Dutch inspiration with the “Mooi” which means Beautiful, there in the lowlands !

Why do we love the Dutch Touch Decoration ?

We’ve both been living in Amsterdam since 2007 and we naturally discovered this culture to be a subtle mix of classicism and contemporaneity. Holland is rich in artistic creations and architectural development so we fell under it’s ‘chic’ modernist and avant garde charm. As this is a protestant country, nothing is hidden from neighbours and therefore curtains are often open, allowing one to admire people’s tastefully decorated interiors that reflect their instinctive sense of design! It’s true that here decoration is just as good in private and public spaces (cafés, banks, flower shops, boutiques…) it’s a true art of living, maybe because of the weather which obliges people to often stay in the warmth of their homes.

Our style ?

It’s strongly influenced by the Nordic and Scandinavian styles and vintage furniture from the 40-70’s.

Our articles ?

We are constantly searching for new boutiques, concept stores, atmospheres… We are also timidly starting to publicize “Tips” articles that allow us to apply our knowledge and reflect our ambitions.

Where to follow us?

Our blog, facebook page and Pinterest, and LinkedIn, Istagram soon our Twitter and Hello coton.


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