Suitedsuits, totally in love…

Finally some stylish light switches…
It may seem completely simple and stupid… the catch plugs, they are like door handles, they are always ugly and old fashioned…! But not with Suit’d suite! It is a Dutch manufacturing and conception company (a team of four people). The manufacturing process is simple but the genius idea was to give an attractive and super decorative look! The architects adore them, but so do the odds one out that are looking for the final touch! These products are of course standard and adaptable in every country, they are made in ceramics, or in wood and truly are pieces of arts, representations of “Blue Delft” by Rembrandt’s collections from the Rijksmuseum etc… and all is painted by hand by local Dutch artisan artists… Indeed I am totally in love with this Dutch design, but frankly I adore them! They are beautiful, not expensive! These youngsters are going to be a hit… Trust me! (from 45 euros…)




We were intrigued by these floating neon blue lights in Eindhoven during the Design Week, but far away from our target, we still remained! The works by Pieke Bergman are mostly aimed on collections and museums but they also collaborate with certain companies that share the same concept: “Rosenthal”, “Like Boys” and “Vitra”. We couldn’t refrain from presenting PHENOMENON, a series of neon blue in different unexpected sizes and shapes that lay the question: “Why does neon always comme in the standard shape of tubes ?”

Bergmans is currently displaing her works at the Stedelijk Museum, “DREAM OUT LOUD”, from the 25th of August until the first of January 2017 and upcomingly in Belgium at Hornu.
It definitely is worth checking out !

phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-22-900x600 phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-20-900x600phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-42-901x600 phenomeneon-pieke-bergmans-2015-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-426x600


360 Volt, don’t miss this address !

 360 Volt is located on the Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal, in the famous merchandising district, De 9 Straatjes (« the nine streets »). Hilde de Lange and Emile de Cock are the owners of one of the biggest collections of original vintage industrial lamps and other specialised objects.

The designs come from different regions in Europe, and most date back from the beginning of the 20th century. The collection comprises of some classics of timeless design from the Bauhaus period in the 1930’s.

360volt has collaborated with different international interior designers on projects ranging from Levi, Lee, Denham the Jeanmaker, only for Diesel, and diverse hotels, theatres and restaurants : Conservatorium Hotel Restaurant Tunes, Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s De Balie theatre, the Monsieur Truffe chocolate factory in Melbourne, Australia and London’s Town Hall Hote

prices between 30 euros and 1200 euros

YAY Adress “bobo” and “baba… cool”

Whilst walking around the trendy Pipj district, I was craving a small fresh detox juice… and here I am in a shop that sells perfumes, jewelry, clothes, rugs… pretty suspensions for plants, etc… At the back of the room, surprise ! Two open beautiful Indian doors that through which seeps a nice smell of fruits, pastries or what turned out to be the really nice small café babocool. The menu comprises of advice for a healthy and tasty diet… Everything is fresh, organic, cooked with seeds, red berries as a base, vegetarian of course and gluten free! Very trendy nowadays. I tried a cocomousse that comprised of a base of green lemon, coco nut, green apples, figue mousse and many other crunchy and tender flavours. The cherry on the cake, Kelly the owner, organizes “Weekend Detox packages”, breakfast, lunch, dinner with yoga lessons in the small Indian styled room that’s open next to the café. Everything is delicious, the motto: positive spirit in a healthy body. I loved it, a small drawback however: the overly yogi/flute background music… Go there quickly !

YAY Health/Store & More… Gerard Doustraat 74 & Albert Cuypstraat 101/103. Amsterdam

IMG_6546 IMG_6538 IMG_6539 IMG_6536IMG_6542


Ottoline de Vries

At the Milan Fiera, in the magnificent Palazzo Francesco Turatim we discovered Ottoline de Vries, a young Duth designer.

His “Rijksstudio” collection is based on Japanese stamps archived by Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and is available through the Rijkstudio. His wallpapers are fresh, original, colourful and amazingly put into value in this high street Renaissance place.

She easily spots emblematic symbols originating from cities like Amsterdam but also interpretations of naturalist images such as birds, insects or plants. And with an innate sense of trends, she immediately translates what she sees into dynamic models of contemporary design. Very beautiful!

Prices: 120 euros per roll.


Studio Roex

Discovered at the Oode Gallery in Amsterdam and then in Milan, this duo Nic Roex and Jeske Kapit charmed us with their oeuvres. They perfectly work wood, and finally.. plywood! Thereby giving him a true artistic character. The final result is amazing! The curved shapes are sober, elegant, refined. Also noting that Nic went by the Piet ein Eek workshop, making his performance more understandable. We fell for his chair and lamp, collection “Streamlined” and “Tubulus” which are very modern but with a small touch of “chic vintage” just the way Artymooi likes it!


Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist & decorativ look…

Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist and decorative look…
At the Milan Salon, Thomas Eurlings charmed us with two of his creations. His superb mirror “Ovum” with blue tints and pure lines reveals the work of refined engravings made on glass, the leather thread for hanging purposes brings a touch of modernity, we are fans… ! Also noting that for his previous mirror “Fading Mirror” his melting and gradient technique engaged the spectator to play around with his own image…

And then.. we also loved his pedestal tables made out of glass “Spring colour table” with tons of soft beige and rosé similar to skin color, make up powder… a very elegant refined aspect! This designer graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy knows how to work many other materials and has designed for big names in fashion and textile industries.

Prix : guéridon env.335 eur. Ovum Mirror : 899 eur.


An unexpected discovery, CityHub.

“The Capsule Hotel” in Amsterdam, CityHub. Really unusual !

Image 11

Image 9 Image 10










Image 8

Art Appel Center, too unknown to the general public..

This center is so under known and fascinating ! De Appel knows and shows “the good art”. Nowadays it is an institute that plays a key role in the Netherlands. On an international scale, it is an eye-catcher that is used as referenced to determine the pertinent trends in visual arts. The displayed performances in the years 1975 now belong to the history of Modern art. I admit that the expositions can seem “boring” and qualified as too “experimental” for a large public… Whilst coming out of the museum, I understood that these presentations are essential for lovers of Modern Art, so go and see…. Oh and I forgot for non fans, I tested the small underground fridge, it was really good with a menu of fresh and local products ! Open during evenings as well!

De Appel Art Center in Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 142
1011 AT Amsterdam