We love these Spanish lights, a real Dutch style !!!

De la Espada is multi-cultural, it was founded in 1993 by Lui De Oliveira and Fatima. Originating respectively from Porto and Madrid and educated in London, the founders opened the first shop in 1996. The factory is in Portugal but the firm evolved under certain influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, John Pawson and Alvaro Siza, and by Scandinavian design from the 1950’s. For us, we fell in love with the lights and the furniture made out of solid oak and refined outlines.


ask for prices.

Single_Octopus_blue_300x200 Lattice_Blue2web_300x200 Flying_Spider_by_Autoban_300x200

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An unexpected discovery, CityHub.

“The Capsule Hotel” in Amsterdam, CityHub. Really unusual !

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Today let’s talk trends !!!

Very nice idea on behalf of Dutch Fatboy to expose customized canisters at their maison&object stand.. But we were surprised to find some in sales at loods5 (very trendy boutique) 10 days later in Amsterdam, although there they are after all competition canisters with small integrated cupboards AND there are other very decorative ones in a street art gallery. In conclusion we wont be surprised to see some this summer in a few trendy bars. Personally I prefer the scrap version from Fatboy with just a touch of mat paint, an dye easy.

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Les Coups de coeur “Artymooi” maison&objet 2016

Les coups de coeur “Artymooi” maison&objet 2016.

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Happy New Year 2016 with ArtyMooï

ArtyMooï wish you a sublime 2016. Let’s celebrate together the beautiful, the Good and the True.


Private Christmas’ sales 🎅🎁🎁


2015 with Studio Kalff
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Mix concrete & wood, Renate Vos

Meet at the Eindhoven design week, this young Dutch designer elaborates projects and accessories for interiors by combining different materials, thereby contrasting the wood’s softness and the concrete’s roughness.

Her ceramics are out of the ordinary through their forms and in their functionality, like these pots that look like toilet plungers  😁😃…

Above all I love these coffee tables, high or low depending on their desired use, very vogue for nowadays.
I could picture one in my living room? Not you?

Price : 275 to 375€


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Renate Vos Product and interior design

Renate Vos Product and interior design

Made in Pays Bas

Here we are, back in France after a week of craziness at the Eindhoven design week with plenty of images and discoveries of young talents in mind. Yes indeed, this year is a beautiful record of very promising designers…! All right we will unveil a few of our favourites beforehand… what do you think…?

IMG_6321 IMG_6414

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Vandeputte, unusual name for an unusual project !

We fell in love with this young Belgian and 2014 Cambre graduate. We were touched by his originality and the poetry in his creations. The must in his stand is a music helmet made out of cork with soundproof characteristics that are clearly part of the design concept. You put your head underneath the helmet and hop, you are transported in a poetic universe and you isolate yourself by escaping into a sensorial world far away of the daily turbulences, this made me think of the shells I used to place against my ears to hear the magical sounds of the sea when I was small…

“Belvedere” is a scale duo, everyone goes up a step and chats with his neighbour, you are in higher… above the crowds! Simple but then again one had to think of it!

One last realisation, a very natural and eco friendly picnic kit…

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