Studio Vandersheer, a smart textile Designer…

Discovered at the Milan Salon, we immediately fell for the creations of Studiovanderscheer
“After having graduated from the Eindhoven Academy, I worked as an independent industrial textile designer and developed my expertise in colour”.

“The challenge in my creations reside in the use of traditional materials and the innovating ways in which they are applied. I am always looking to further the limits of what is possible. By observing colour, I understood that this was my path, my second nature… but the starting point has always always been the thread.” Her line is varied, carpets, poufs, kitchen linen, textiles for sofas, plaids etc.. most of the textiles made by Liset van De Scheer are made at the Tilburg Museum of textile, made in Holland !!



Summer is coming…

Winter is ending, summer is coming ! you need  some happy colors…a painting pot and a little bit of work, easy to realize, and your stair is relooked ! Dare the colors…bright and fresh !



Esther Derks, porcelain from grand mother…

During the Milan Fiera, we made a beautiful discovery in the Milan’s Renaissance Palace where all the Dutch designers were reunited in this magnificent place. Esther Derks works with different materials, porcelain, faience, ceramics, glass… She combines traditional and modern techniques. We admired her latest collection ‘Improved China’ where she uses the principle of serigraphy on porcelain. She photographs floral elements in nature then revises them on her computer, she then adds images of dancers, athletes that inspire expressions of movements with bodies that seem to float… the whole is made in very bright and modern colours but also in way that is very mannerist (16th century movement) from pink, yellow, blue, green. It is a superb collection that can seem precious at first but is in fact very modern with the mixture of the individual and floral patterns. Personally I love this! I just remembered, I had already spotted some of their mugs and plates at the Frozen Fountain, our favourite shop in Amsterdam.

From 26 euros….


A powerful Dutch trio at Monoprix !

Monoprix is launching a new collection of design furniture at the end of October called “Dutch Design” created by 3 young Dutch talented individuals, Gerard De Hoop, Kranen/Gille and Daphna Laurens. They are reinterpreting a basic piece of house furniture : the stool. They are playing on form, texture and colour to give an edgy and fully original look to your daily life.

The models: the “handle” stool, easy to transport in a really flashy yellow! The “Bouton” stool made out of wood & industrial style, the “Boules” stool whose unique texture is 100% ash wood and the last one the “Diedre” stool made out of raw wood and whose feet are 100% either red or black metal. Honestly it is a very functional but also very designer like little work of art! And then of course ArtyMooi, the specialist in Dutch design approves 100% and you can buy these stools at Monoprix !!! At a very ‘small’ price but made by the ‘grand’ of Design !!

imageimage-1 image-2

Back to ArtyMooi !

Happy to be reunited with you with the few latest trends of 2015 and next events…

New colours, textures still in vogue and very trendy inspirations… Here is a little glimpse of these décor ideas.

Blue is still in todays trendy air ranging from marine blue to all soft pastel blues, our favourite brands: “Little green” and “farrow & ball”.

The materials: light woods such as ash, beech, birch and wicker woods. Cooper and cement tiles are still and always making their big return.

Forms: The emphasis is put on geometric/graphic drawings in carpets, cushions, tissues.. new art lies in vegetable and jungle motifs in wall papers that remain very decorative ranging from the liberty to oriental prints.

Scandinavian and Dutch cocooning atmospheres, as well as vintage, second hand usage trends and industrial style.

ArtyMooi’s favourite and advice for a beautiful decorative and functional element that can make a whole lot of difference in your indoors: lighting, lamps, all sorts of bulbs (design, industrial, vintage etc…) that will illuminate and give life in each of your rooms. (a small glimpse in the images below).

A few nice events to attend : Paris Design le 7th of September, the Maison&Object salon in Villepinte from the 4th until the 8th of September and… our favourite: the unmissable Eindhoven design week in the Netherlands the 19th of October with brand new young talents to be discovered.

ArtyMooi returns… just for you after some beautiful holidays.


img_3299img_1125img_2142il_570xn-463296497_4hri 1005851_355560071241232_1392381846_n product_1286896386_view img_3429

Carpets from “grand mère” or “tante Yvonne” ???

Tiles made out of cement have been back in fashion for a quite a while now, for the remaking of bathrooms, kitchens and more.. During a girly friendly outing in Paris, we fell for this new collection of carpets, tableware and placemats called “cement tiles” made out of vinyl, which are very easy to keep clean and give a true ancient look to your insides. Personally, I fell for one of the decorative carpets and some placemats for my kitchen. We saw the rugs in the “Autour du monde” boutique (Bensimon in the Marais) and the placemats were seen at FLEUX (still in the Marais), and in addition to souvenirs… there were loads at grandma’s and aunt Yvonne’s !!!

IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 Image 1

Fatboy, again and again in vogue !

Alex Begman, a young Dutch man inspired by Fatboy Slim’s music has created a brand around the object “out door”. And yes, Fatboy really is some eye candy, super comfortable and ideal for the whole family and even the dog ! The Fatboy family offers lamps, hammocks, poufs, carpets, and parasols… There you will find your happiness for your terraces and gardens.. The novelties of the Maison&Object salon : 1st heart struck, the chair that will soon be in sales in march (cant wait to be able to buy it and cuddle up in it on our terraces this summer !!!), the chair is treated against stains and is also delivered with a protective layer against the rain, and the second heart truck is the Dog bench whose design and comfortableness surprised us! Another novelty is that you can design and adjust your lampshades. We really adored this magical and colorful universe !
IMG_1311IMG_1312 IMG_1314
IMG_3317 IMG_3320 IMG_3321 IMG_3324

Paper mache or Earthenware !

IMG_2573What a beautiful, delicate, refined and colorful stand. These are the earthenware of an Italian lady, Paola Paronetto whom we discovered at the Maison&object and it was a true pleasure for our eyes. We really fell in love with her collection of objects whose aspects seem to imitate the outcome and techniques of papier maché decorated by neutral colours which adds another touch of design. We can easily picture these in our own houses! What about you?

IMG_3390 IMG_3391 IMG_3392 IMG_3393 IMG_3394

The creations of Julie Gaillard

335collection-lisere4Tabouret 381-04Etagere-348

collection-lisere2 collection-lisere5

Still at the heart of the Maison&Object Salon, we fell for this pretty collection of furniture made by a young Parisian designer: Julie Gaillard. She has given makeovers to very traditional furniture by launching the Liseré collection in light shades of wood, following the Scandinavian spirit : You will love the particularity just as much as us, that being the small border of neon or pastel colour that takes up space and extends itself like a golden threat… and on top of that, its French manufacturing !!



Thomas Eyck, a daily passion !

IMG_43431385233_657873464244340_2042267661_nte_jongerius_460-Circle A
So happy to have met Thomas Eyck, he’s a great editor and really accessible. I like his demeanour, the choice of the designer whom he is going to work on a the product with(one or two per year) , the authenticity of the material and skills, its a job in which he invests all of his time and energy… He is driven by his passion, if the current does not match with that of the creator, it doesn’t work!

During the varnishing of the “Coloured Vases, Series 3” by Hella Jongerius, whilst sipping on a small glass of rosé, we were able to create this super collection together. His pots are to fall for! The several layers of paint, a fusion of 2 techniques: traditional and completely revolutionary that struck me because of how beautiful, poetic and unexpected the colours were… I am very proud and happy of this meeting with Thomas, who by the way speaks french very well! By the way, Thomas is preparing a new exposition soon, you will be updated by ArtMooi beforehand!!