Kocowisch and the elegance of light…

Beautiful discovery made in the Dutch designer section at the Milan fair, Kocowisch is a Dutch design studio, based in Utrecht. He looks to explore, develop and maintain unique timeless high end products of great quality. Their first collection “Kocohedron” is a piece of mathematical beauty. Elaborated with 5 geometric shapes, she comes in 3 sizes and various colours, gold, copper, chrome or painted. The collection is hand made and manufactured in the Netherlands. We loved the diffused warm lighting and the sober and very contemporary shapes. Another advantage is that these lamps may be hung using pretty coloured strings or they can be placed on the floor…


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Rug or piece of Art ?!

So So Gorgeous… !! Carpets are made by the renowned Marcel Wanders design team, they are all beautiful one another. The styles are very varied: forms, motifs, colours but our eyes were fascinated by the originality and the explosion of colours and were immediately transported into a galactic, floral, geometric and psychedelic world… It is a novelty that was displayed in Milan that you can finally buy at Moooi… Personally I love them all but I will have to end up choosing one ! And you which you prefer ?




Freaky by Bertjan Pot Dimensions 288 x 395 cm price 2499€


Crystal Fire by Marcel Wanders Dimensions 200 x 300 cm Price 1699€


Crystal Ice by Marcel Wanders Dimensions Ø250 cm / Ø350 cm Price 2550€


Eden Queen by Marcel Wanders Dimensions Ø250 cm | Ø350 cm Price 2550€


Celestial by Edward van Vliet Ø250 cm | Ø350 cm Price 2699€


Seduction by Sonya Pletes Dimensions 200 x 300 cm Price 2099€



Diamond Tree by Edward van Vliet Dimensions 267 x 400 cm Price 2499€


Scribble Black / Green / Blue by Front Dimensions 200 x 310 cm Price 1999€


Jewels Garden by Maison Christian Lacroix Dimensions 250 x 250 cm Price 2499€


Liquid Birch by Broersen & Lucks Dimensions 200 x 300 cm | 300 x 400 cm | Price 2499€


Mae transports us into a universe of softness, harmony and elegance, only happiness can result !!!

Dutch Textile Designer, we discovered her all at once at the Oode gallery in Amsterdam and then in Milan at the Design salon, we were immediately charmed by her minimalist and modern collection which integrates graphical motifs and subtle layers. She uses mixtures of mohair, merino wool, cotton and strings of high quality. Plaids, covers, cloths, rugs, tables cloths.. that will be like artworks in all of your indoors.

Bunch of prices: 20 € for a cloth, 300€ for a plaid and about 2000€ for a rug…


IMG_4577mod_detail-960x639 YEAH-rug-MaeEngelgeer-360x232 lil+lila-total-360x428 teatowel-new-360x509


Copper and bronze and more with the Dutch touch !

We met this young designer, Jolanda Van Goor at the Oode Galery in Amsterdam and at the Milan Salon. She was displaying her pieces in a very nice space, surely a shed or warehouse… with other young talents. A couple of words about Jolanda: she’s young warm girl, open and very talented, regarding her creations, she revealed to us her latest collection “Contorno” with lots of passion. They are small tables easy to fit in small spaces, the materials are superb, the contours are made out of sharp steel and the surface is made out of copper or bronze, an artisanal conception that’s functional and unique, everything that we love! She also created other wooden furniture embellished with wool or with tissue, chairs, libraries. Another one our favourite pieces of hers: her pretty lamps “lighten up” where she also uses copper. The whole is very Dutch Touch !


IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4141lightenup_1