We love these Spanish lights, a real Dutch style !!!

De la Espada is multi-cultural, it was founded in 1993 by Lui De Oliveira and Fatima. Originating respectively from Porto and Madrid and educated in London, the founders opened the first shop in 1996. The factory is in Portugal but the firm evolved under certain influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, John Pawson and Alvaro Siza, and by Scandinavian design from the 1950’s. For us, we fell in love with the lights and the furniture made out of solid oak and refined outlines.


ask for prices.

Single_Octopus_blue_300x200 Lattice_Blue2web_300x200 Flying_Spider_by_Autoban_300x200

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“Plantation”…second life…

Abandoned glasses underneath bus shelters, next to public benches or in front of bars… this is what the creator Alicia Patanowska chasses whilst strolling through London between 4 and 6 o’clock when the city is still asleep. After returning back home, she manufactures supports made out of ceramics, each glass sized, she then pierces a whole in the middle of the ceramic to allow the roots of the plant to reach the water. This creation enables one to observe the evolution of the plant, to give a second life to these glasses. On top of that, it is a very pretty collection, that is very fresh, minimalist and very decorative .



Finally a children’s collection that delights parents, Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders revolutionises the homes our dear small blond headed ones !!! A coloured line, playful but still very sophisticated, thought to marry perfectly with parents’ lifestyles. We adore it! And you? Go check out his new collection “Parents”.


IMG_8902 IMG_8901 IMG_8899 IMG_8898 IMG_8897 mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_02_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_03_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_highchair_05_content_dv mw_cybex_parents_collection_bouncer_01_zoom_in_dv

A very aerial cabinet !

Jelmer Wind, young student who has just graduated from the Eindhoven academy presented to us his end of year project, which caught our whole attention. This cabinet is made out of bamboo; its transparent structure unveils a perfectionist and very elaborated work, notably on the hinges. He expresses elegance and a unique design, we can picture this furniture in an entrance or in a bedroom very well. At the moment, there is only one prototype but I wouldn’t be surprised if an editor thought his idea is genius !

Business to be followed .


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Emma b – Utrecht, nice shop and good advises !

Utrecht, Great destination for summer Holidays… ! The boutique is located on the border of a canal in the city centre of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Emma b essentially offers furniture that has Scandinavian designs, its collection is made with care and comprises of a lot of big brands. They offer advice on decoration and also curtains or cushions. If you are looking for pretty wallpaper you can also consult the ‘Wallpaper’ books which are at your disposition in the boutique.

Emma b, Oudegracht 218- Hoek Hamburgerstraat, 3511 NS Utrecht


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De Hallen, the TOP Trendy place to be !

De Hallen, one of the most popular and trendy places in Amsterdam.

Everybody’s talking about it… stradling our bikes despite the raging rain! Here were are… Located in the trendy district in the west of the city… De Hallen is a brand new center for the arts, artisanal work, fashion and food, a savory and dynamic mixture! It is an industrially historical building that dates back to 1902, it used to serve as a depot for tramways and has now been renovated. De Hallen hosts cinemas, independent shops and a hotel boutique, as well as the impressive nutritional Halle. We love the concept and the multiple small vintage Dutch styled bungalows!

Small artsy insight, cinema lovers can devour their passion in “the beautiful Parisian room” that is equipped with an authentic art-deco interior that used to belong to one the oldest rooms in Amsterdam. For a weekend, ArtyMooi recommends Hotel De Hallen which has a superb decoration that is very avant-gardist and edgy…IMG_4355IMG_4354IMG_4349IMG_4338IMG_5646IMG_4350IMG_4339IMG_4337IMG_4341

Summer is coming…

Winter is ending, summer is coming ! you need  some happy colors…a painting pot and a little bit of work, easy to realize, and your stair is relooked ! Dare the colors…bright and fresh !



Sebastian Herkner, an ascending Talent…

An ascending talent ….
Spotted at Rasolamp in Milan, the brand new 2016 collection created by the German designer Sebastian Herkner for example is inspired by the softness of a silky texture. The lighting is delicate and dimed thanks to the contrast of the straight/transparent and frosty glass. The Raso lamps are exclusive pieces that come in pink, gray, white and transparent. They produce a stylish touch to different living spaces: bathrooms, bedrooms, boutiques, restaurants. Functional, sober and elegant, I love it!

For the “small story” Sebastian won the Wallpaper Prize * 2014 Conception; the Elle Deco EDIDA prize as best international hope for 2015, and was guest honour at the IMM just in Cologne 2016.



A daring idea, I love it !

In Berlin a gas station in the neighborhood Shöneberg 50s is converted into modern residential house by a Art collector and Berlin gallery owner.

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