Suitedsuits, totally in love…

Finally some stylish light switches…
It may seem completely simple and stupid… the catch plugs, they are like door handles, they are always ugly and old fashioned…! But not with Suit’d suite! It is a Dutch manufacturing and conception company (a team of four people). The manufacturing process is simple but the genius idea was to give an attractive and super decorative look! The architects adore them, but so do the odds one out that are looking for the final touch! These products are of course standard and adaptable in every country, they are made in ceramics, or in wood and truly are pieces of arts, representations of “Blue Delft” by Rembrandt’s collections from the Rijksmuseum etc… and all is painted by hand by local Dutch artisan artists… Indeed I am totally in love with this Dutch design, but frankly I adore them! They are beautiful, not expensive! These youngsters are going to be a hit… Trust me! (from 45 euros…)




We were intrigued by these floating neon blue lights in Eindhoven during the Design Week, but far away from our target, we still remained! The works by Pieke Bergman are mostly aimed on collections and museums but they also collaborate with certain companies that share the same concept: “Rosenthal”, “Like Boys” and “Vitra”. We couldn’t refrain from presenting PHENOMENON, a series of neon blue in different unexpected sizes and shapes that lay the question: “Why does neon always comme in the standard shape of tubes ?”

Bergmans is currently displaing her works at the Stedelijk Museum, “DREAM OUT LOUD”, from the 25th of August until the first of January 2017 and upcomingly in Belgium at Hornu.
It definitely is worth checking out !

phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-22-900x600 phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-20-900x600phenomeneon-2015-pieke-bergmans-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-42-901x600 phenomeneon-pieke-bergmans-2015-photo-credits-mirjam-bleeker-426x600


De Hallen, the TOP Trendy place to be !

De Hallen, one of the most popular and trendy places in Amsterdam.

Everybody’s talking about it… stradling our bikes despite the raging rain! Here were are… Located in the trendy district in the west of the city… De Hallen is a brand new center for the arts, artisanal work, fashion and food, a savory and dynamic mixture! It is an industrially historical building that dates back to 1902, it used to serve as a depot for tramways and has now been renovated. De Hallen hosts cinemas, independent shops and a hotel boutique, as well as the impressive nutritional Halle. We love the concept and the multiple small vintage Dutch styled bungalows!

Small artsy insight, cinema lovers can devour their passion in “the beautiful Parisian room” that is equipped with an authentic art-deco interior that used to belong to one the oldest rooms in Amsterdam. For a weekend, ArtyMooi recommends Hotel De Hallen which has a superb decoration that is very avant-gardist and edgy…IMG_4355IMG_4354IMG_4349IMG_4338IMG_5646IMG_4350IMG_4339IMG_4337IMG_4341

Heart struck for this english lady !

Lindsay Lang brings innovation, freshness and softness to cemented tiles. Her collection is very varied. Our selection “London Chevron” for your walls, the colours are superb.

I invite you to visit her website where you can find a whole range of varied products, cloths, cushions, kitchen utensils all equally just as nice !!!

cobolt-lindsey-lang-3d-tile-texute-chevron_grande R_Baby_Pink_Blush-lindsey-lang-chevron-uk_6258dbdc-0516-4a54-88d1-8720ed69b279_1024x1024Lindsey-Lang-roundel-cement-tiles-3D-Blue-lifestyle21_1024x1024Lifestyle-white-chevroncrop-detail_1024x1024

Simone Post & Vlisco Carpet recycled

Simone Post is a textile designer that is constantly experimenting, just as well with materials as with the manufacturing procedures. She collaborates with Vlisco, important manufacturer of batik tissues for the African market for a series of carpets and thereby discovers a work that is way above the industry’s normal limits. The Post-Vlisco collaboration thereby created a respectful collection of the environment, high quality norms, (waste disposal) surprising given its beauty and its industrial aesthetics. Her creations are superbly put into value in the palace in Milan.


ArtyMooi chairs’ selection


Piet Hein Eek


Dirk vander Kooij


Clemens Maassen



Marcel Wanders


Maarten Baas


Nika Zupanc for Moooi


Chris Ruhe


Maarten baas

Visser en Meijwaard, Happy colorfull !

Visser en Meijwaard is the design label that was founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in 2013.  This designer duo creates products with polyvalent materials, accessories, and indoor items, the sobriety and simplicity of the forms constitute the essence of their creation.

Inspired by the polyvalence of the industrial PVC textiles, Visser en Meijwaard developed the “TrueColors” collection which is composed of a series of bags, cupboards and stools with cushions that can alternated made out of strong industrial textile. For this collection Visser and Meijwaard were inspired by the functional products that existed in their youth: their cabinet is inspired by the piling of camping storage tools, whereas the stools were inspired by sporty elements found in gyms such as a pommel horse. Truecolors is a collection of contemporary design in which color is a key element. Indeed, the coloring is indefinitely malleable, from black to electric blue, to yellow and vivid orange… Superb!

prix :à partir de 315 euros at Gallerie Oode or ask ArtyMooi

IMG_4214 IMG_8239IMG_6672


Our mooï selection ! lighting

photoshoot van abb 6

Aurelie Hoegy


Studio Kalff


Dirk Vander Kooij


Bertjan Pot for Golran


Studio Job

Christien Meindertsma



IMG_7466 2




Susanne de Graef




Studio Kalff

Image 1

Alex de Witte






atelier Robotiq


We discovered the Dutch brand RESCUED at the Salon Maison&objet. The owner, a charming Dutch man told us about his past with passion. Abandoned but too beautiful to be thrown away ! These objects are transformed and diverted towards new utilities. We fell in love with some lamps that are in fact simple bowls made out of glass but the idea to transform them into lights is genius! These objects made out of recycles materials are made with respect out of their origins. Save and metamorphosed, in search of new lives… The final result is often surprising, original and a Beautiful History !


Bas Vellekoop, nice Talent !

Still at the Dutch Design Week, Bas Vellekoop amazed us with his project of abstemious and elegant tables that aspire conviviality. The construction and the mounting is visible in every single technical detail and it is a determining element in their conceptions’ aesthetics.

Bas is still looking for local artisans, highly qualified for whom materials have no secrets… therefore they go beyond their limits, a true challenge! You can order it as custom made and thereby have the choice of material, marble, wood, glass .. and size.

Other displayed products, a sculpture that is in fact a lamp made out of carrare marble and beautiful technical prowess as the marble has been polished very finely on the edges letting light filter through as means of creating a colourful and cosy atmosphere. Everything is superb, Bravo Bas.  images-15 Unknown-7 Unknown-6 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (4)_0 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (3)_0 Unknown-3