Suitedsuits, totally in love…

Finally some stylish light switches…
It may seem completely simple and stupid… the catch plugs, they are like door handles, they are always ugly and old fashioned…! But not with Suit’d suite! It is a Dutch manufacturing and conception company (a team of four people). The manufacturing process is simple but the genius idea was to give an attractive and super decorative look! The architects adore them, but so do the odds one out that are looking for the final touch! These products are of course standard and adaptable in every country, they are made in ceramics, or in wood and truly are pieces of arts, representations of “Blue Delft” by Rembrandt’s collections from the Rijksmuseum etc… and all is painted by hand by local Dutch artisan artists… Indeed I am totally in love with this Dutch design, but frankly I adore them! They are beautiful, not expensive! These youngsters are going to be a hit… Trust me! (from 45 euros…)



Bloom Ink, material more than nature …

Material more than nature!
The principle of manufacturing is amazing, the result is astounding and very very… natural! The collection is made out of vegetables, flowers in their natural forms, freshly pressed and then numerically printed, an example: a typically Dutch motif, tulips… but also a ton of other plants. A rainbow of coulours and flowers! Bo Reudler the creator displayed his collection at the latest Design Salon in Milan, a veryh fresh, elegant and poetic realisation.


Really innovative these Dutch designers !!

These Dutch designers are super innovative…

Scottie is a chair that is based on the principle of hot water bottle, simple and efficient at the same time.

This heating system is one of the most ancient health treatments used in medicine to relieve rheumatism problems and also just to simply heat up cold muscles in winter… can also be used in summer for refreshing purposes by simply adding cold water… Scottie: Indoor Products but can also be outdoors. Personally I love the wellbeing side but above all the decorative side is original!

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Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist & decorativ look…

Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist and decorative look…
At the Milan Salon, Thomas Eurlings charmed us with two of his creations. His superb mirror “Ovum” with blue tints and pure lines reveals the work of refined engravings made on glass, the leather thread for hanging purposes brings a touch of modernity, we are fans… ! Also noting that for his previous mirror “Fading Mirror” his melting and gradient technique engaged the spectator to play around with his own image…

And then.. we also loved his pedestal tables made out of glass “Spring colour table” with tons of soft beige and rosé similar to skin color, make up powder… a very elegant refined aspect! This designer graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy knows how to work many other materials and has designed for big names in fashion and textile industries.

Prix : guéridon env.335 eur. Ovum Mirror : 899 eur.


Amsterdam is always on the move…

Yes always on the move Amsterdam…even vases !!!


Front blow away vaas from MOOOI

Maris Romboud, more than just a basic carpenter…

We discovered Romboud Maris at the Oode Gallery at our friend’s Marleen’s, he started off as carpenter. Very quickly he decided to take his career in hand and got into the Design Academy Eindhoven. He has an excellent understanding of environments, habitat organization, living spaces. We fell for his latest creation, a seat made out of wood decorated with a top layer of integrated wool, the lines are pure, elegant with a touch of a Scandinavian look, vintage just like we like it!

Ask ArtyMooi for prices


Bas Vellekoop, nice Talent !

Still at the Dutch Design Week, Bas Vellekoop amazed us with his project of abstemious and elegant tables that aspire conviviality. The construction and the mounting is visible in every single technical detail and it is a determining element in their conceptions’ aesthetics.

Bas is still looking for local artisans, highly qualified for whom materials have no secrets… therefore they go beyond their limits, a true challenge! You can order it as custom made and thereby have the choice of material, marble, wood, glass .. and size.

Other displayed products, a sculpture that is in fact a lamp made out of carrare marble and beautiful technical prowess as the marble has been polished very finely on the edges letting light filter through as means of creating a colourful and cosy atmosphere. Everything is superb, Bravo Bas.  images-15 Unknown-7 Unknown-6 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (4)_0 Bas Vellekoop - Nod - (3)_0 Unknown-3

Ay illuminate… I love !

Ay Illuminate is a Dutch design studio that draws its inspiration from nature and all traditional forms of artisanal work. This Dutch duo, Ay lin Heinen and Casper Heinen work with manufacturers from across the world to develop their designs the closest possible to artisanal traditions that have stories to tell… Their collection offers luminaire made out of sisal, or braided cotton from Ethiopia, India, China, and also lots of bamboo… attractive and renewable texture that grows 2 to 3 times faster than a classic tree and also emits 30% more oxygen.

Ay Illuminate is a story of creativity, a way of opening dialogue between consumers, producers and designers. We love!

Pricing information: ask ArtyMooi, prices range between 190 and 665 euros approximately.

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Chris Ruhe

Chris Ruhe did a specific formation on wood in Amsterdam at the furniture college as a manufacturer in artisanal furniture and carried on to create his own atelier in 2005.

His spotlight creation: “the spring stool”, an “elastic” stool composed of curved wooden rings that render it ideal to sit on but also excellent for people suffering from lumbar pain. It is often used as a desk chair. The stool is made by hand and most of the time is made to be 54 or 56 cm high however it varies on the individual demands. It’s shape is original, functional and very design like. It will be very decorative in your indoors and it is distributed in design shops and galleries. (Oode Gallery, the Forzen fountain, Matter of material. Etc…) Personally, I love it! A true piece of art.

price : from 780 euros



A hymn for lighting, from Susanne de Graef

The work of Susanne de Graef, graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy is inspired by an everlasting poetic universe, but the translation of her research becomes very technical in the end. Here is her message :

A true poetry that describes well her work:

The rhythm of light…

A day begins,

The sun rises and commences its daily rhythm

This is an endless story with

A beginning and an end,

It’s repeats itself every day/

The light that we use in our houses are very static,

But light is not static, it moves, it lives.

“I conceived a lamp with it’s own rhythm.

The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by

Moving the lamp upwards and downwards

The layers mix

The light diffuses with its colors and movements”

Prix : 1 950 euros.