Studio Vandersheer, a smart textile Designer…

Discovered at the Milan Salon, we immediately fell for the creations of Studiovanderscheer
“After having graduated from the Eindhoven Academy, I worked as an independent industrial textile designer and developed my expertise in colour”.

“The challenge in my creations reside in the use of traditional materials and the innovating ways in which they are applied. I am always looking to further the limits of what is possible. By observing colour, I understood that this was my path, my second nature… but the starting point has always always been the thread.” Her line is varied, carpets, poufs, kitchen linen, textiles for sofas, plaids etc.. most of the textiles made by Liset van De Scheer are made at the Tilburg Museum of textile, made in Holland !!



Alexander Pelican, Great designer.

Alexander Pelikan is a German designer, graduate from the Eindhoven academy and founder of PeliDesign, an international design studio that focuses on the creation of remarkable innovating products with a particular emphasis on details and functionality. Alexander Pelikan graduated from the Eindhoven Academy in 2006.
Alexander is often on “the roads” throughout cities and nature. He says thankfully :

“I got rid of my television 10 years ago so I have the time to read tons of articles, observe and learn during my trips. On my way back home in my workshop in Eindhoven, all the information and emotion captured crystallise themselves. I then delve in the technique and I identify each step of the creation with my head and hands”.

I discovered his pieces in my small favourite gallery in Amsterdam, the Oode Gallery, a very beautiful table made out of beautiful materials, same goes for the wooden stools but more with a personal and original touch. Marleen from the gallery always has the good eye to catch big talents!

Prices : the table 2450€, ask prices for others items.


Bloom Ink, material more than nature …

Material more than nature!
The principle of manufacturing is amazing, the result is astounding and very very… natural! The collection is made out of vegetables, flowers in their natural forms, freshly pressed and then numerically printed, an example: a typically Dutch motif, tulips… but also a ton of other plants. A rainbow of coulours and flowers! Bo Reudler the creator displayed his collection at the latest Design Salon in Milan, a veryh fresh, elegant and poetic realisation.


Hella Jongerius, Nice lady, Nice talent.

And yes indeed another designer that graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy! She makes her first steps at Amsterdam’s Studio Droog, quickly seduced by the creation of a bath rug and a subtle vase made out of a new material : polyurethane, Droog thereby launches her collection world wide, thanks to Droog for propelling me to the summits of the 90’s/2000 trends!

She then decides to launch her own studio: Jongeriuslab, the fusion between artisanal and industrial design. Artisanal is a recurrent theme in her work, she integrates it in an industrial process of “high and low” technology, step by step her work becomes less sober, she focuses more on materials, decoration, colours, she constantly oscillates between modernity and tradition. She was quickly spotted by big clients such as Maharam, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, IKEA and KLM. The Dutch creator conceived unique creations such as the Polder Sofa and the Woker Chair for Vitra. Her pieces have been displayed at institutions such as the Design Museum (London), the Kreo Gallery (Paris) and the Moss Gallery (New York). www.jongeriuslab.comUnknown



Studio Roex

Discovered at the Oode Gallery in Amsterdam and then in Milan, this duo Nic Roex and Jeske Kapit charmed us with their oeuvres. They perfectly work wood, and finally.. plywood! Thereby giving him a true artistic character. The final result is amazing! The curved shapes are sober, elegant, refined. Also noting that Nic went by the Piet ein Eek workshop, making his performance more understandable. We fell for his chair and lamp, collection “Streamlined” and “Tubulus” which are very modern but with a small touch of “chic vintage” just the way Artymooi likes it!


Simone Post & Vlisco Carpet recycled

Simone Post is a textile designer that is constantly experimenting, just as well with materials as with the manufacturing procedures. She collaborates with Vlisco, important manufacturer of batik tissues for the African market for a series of carpets and thereby discovers a work that is way above the industry’s normal limits. The Post-Vlisco collaboration thereby created a respectful collection of the environment, high quality norms, (waste disposal) surprising given its beauty and its industrial aesthetics. Her creations are superbly put into value in the palace in Milan.


Visser en Meijwaard, Happy colorfull !

Visser en Meijwaard is the design label that was founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in 2013.  This designer duo creates products with polyvalent materials, accessories, and indoor items, the sobriety and simplicity of the forms constitute the essence of their creation.

Inspired by the polyvalence of the industrial PVC textiles, Visser en Meijwaard developed the “TrueColors” collection which is composed of a series of bags, cupboards and stools with cushions that can alternated made out of strong industrial textile. For this collection Visser and Meijwaard were inspired by the functional products that existed in their youth: their cabinet is inspired by the piling of camping storage tools, whereas the stools were inspired by sporty elements found in gyms such as a pommel horse. Truecolors is a collection of contemporary design in which color is a key element. Indeed, the coloring is indefinitely malleable, from black to electric blue, to yellow and vivid orange… Superb!

prix :à partir de 315 euros at Gallerie Oode or ask ArtyMooi

IMG_4214 IMG_8239IMG_6672


Solely for your eyes : Studio Job’s wallpaper.

We already spoke to you about Studio Job and their fantastic creations. A small pinch to recall their wall papers that we adore and never get bored of… For the sake of eye pleasure! You can find their collections in a good number of specialized boutiques and always on point, notably at one of our favorites in Amsterdam: The Frozen Fountain.


Chris Ruhe

Chris Ruhe did a specific formation on wood in Amsterdam at the furniture college as a manufacturer in artisanal furniture and carried on to create his own atelier in 2005.

His spotlight creation: “the spring stool”, an “elastic” stool composed of curved wooden rings that render it ideal to sit on but also excellent for people suffering from lumbar pain. It is often used as a desk chair. The stool is made by hand and most of the time is made to be 54 or 56 cm high however it varies on the individual demands. It’s shape is original, functional and very design like. It will be very decorative in your indoors and it is distributed in design shops and galleries. (Oode Gallery, the Forzen fountain, Matter of material. Etc…) Personally, I love it! A true piece of art.

price : from 780 euros



Atelier Robotiq, Just Superb !

A software and robot, both combined to create superb lamps made out of resin fibers. These fibres envelop a geometric mould, various shapes exist. The end product is very aerial, a light and transparent look, it is really original and beautiful. A beautiful light shines through the mesh creating shadowy effects that dance in the room. The thread is made out of braided cotton, the case is made out of copper, and the light bulb is very modern following Edison style. The first edition is oval and can be reproduced in different shades: black, white/chalk, copper, green. Also sold at the Oode Gallery in Amsterdam. (Based on the light concept of Aeronautics)

Prices 480 euros.