Studio Vandersheer, a smart textile Designer…

Discovered at the Milan Salon, we immediately fell for the creations of Studiovanderscheer
“After having graduated from the Eindhoven Academy, I worked as an independent industrial textile designer and developed my expertise in colour”.

“The challenge in my creations reside in the use of traditional materials and the innovating ways in which they are applied. I am always looking to further the limits of what is possible. By observing colour, I understood that this was my path, my second nature… but the starting point has always always been the thread.” Her line is varied, carpets, poufs, kitchen linen, textiles for sofas, plaids etc.. most of the textiles made by Liset van De Scheer are made at the Tilburg Museum of textile, made in Holland !!



Hella Jongerius, Nice lady, Nice talent.

And yes indeed another designer that graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy! She makes her first steps at Amsterdam’s Studio Droog, quickly seduced by the creation of a bath rug and a subtle vase made out of a new material : polyurethane, Droog thereby launches her collection world wide, thanks to Droog for propelling me to the summits of the 90’s/2000 trends!

She then decides to launch her own studio: Jongeriuslab, the fusion between artisanal and industrial design. Artisanal is a recurrent theme in her work, she integrates it in an industrial process of “high and low” technology, step by step her work becomes less sober, she focuses more on materials, decoration, colours, she constantly oscillates between modernity and tradition. She was quickly spotted by big clients such as Maharam, Royal Tichelaar Makkum, IKEA and KLM. The Dutch creator conceived unique creations such as the Polder Sofa and the Woker Chair for Vitra. Her pieces have been displayed at institutions such as the Design Museum (London), the Kreo Gallery (Paris) and the Moss Gallery (New York). www.jongeriuslab.comUnknown



Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist & decorativ look…

Thomas Eurlings, a minimalist and decorative look…
At the Milan Salon, Thomas Eurlings charmed us with two of his creations. His superb mirror “Ovum” with blue tints and pure lines reveals the work of refined engravings made on glass, the leather thread for hanging purposes brings a touch of modernity, we are fans… ! Also noting that for his previous mirror “Fading Mirror” his melting and gradient technique engaged the spectator to play around with his own image…

And then.. we also loved his pedestal tables made out of glass “Spring colour table” with tons of soft beige and rosé similar to skin color, make up powder… a very elegant refined aspect! This designer graduated from the prestigious Eindhoven Academy knows how to work many other materials and has designed for big names in fashion and textile industries.

Prix : guéridon env.335 eur. Ovum Mirror : 899 eur.