Studio Vandersheer, a smart textile Designer…

Discovered at the Milan Salon, we immediately fell for the creations of Studiovanderscheer
“After having graduated from the Eindhoven Academy, I worked as an independent industrial textile designer and developed my expertise in colour”.

“The challenge in my creations reside in the use of traditional materials and the innovating ways in which they are applied. I am always looking to further the limits of what is possible. By observing colour, I understood that this was my path, my second nature… but the starting point has always always been the thread.” Her line is varied, carpets, poufs, kitchen linen, textiles for sofas, plaids etc.. most of the textiles made by Liset van De Scheer are made at the Tilburg Museum of textile, made in Holland !!



Ottoline de Vries

At the Milan Fiera, in the magnificent Palazzo Francesco Turatim we discovered Ottoline de Vries, a young Duth designer.

His “Rijksstudio” collection is based on Japanese stamps archived by Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and is available through the Rijkstudio. His wallpapers are fresh, original, colourful and amazingly put into value in this high street Renaissance place.

She easily spots emblematic symbols originating from cities like Amsterdam but also interpretations of naturalist images such as birds, insects or plants. And with an innate sense of trends, she immediately translates what she sees into dynamic models of contemporary design. Very beautiful!

Prices: 120 euros per roll.


Really innovative these Dutch designers !!

These Dutch designers are super innovative…

Scottie is a chair that is based on the principle of hot water bottle, simple and efficient at the same time.

This heating system is one of the most ancient health treatments used in medicine to relieve rheumatism problems and also just to simply heat up cold muscles in winter… can also be used in summer for refreshing purposes by simply adding cold water… Scottie: Indoor Products but can also be outdoors. Personally I love the wellbeing side but above all the decorative side is original!

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Esther Derks, porcelain from grand mother…

During the Milan Fiera, we made a beautiful discovery in the Milan’s Renaissance Palace where all the Dutch designers were reunited in this magnificent place. Esther Derks works with different materials, porcelain, faience, ceramics, glass… She combines traditional and modern techniques. We admired her latest collection ‘Improved China’ where she uses the principle of serigraphy on porcelain. She photographs floral elements in nature then revises them on her computer, she then adds images of dancers, athletes that inspire expressions of movements with bodies that seem to float… the whole is made in very bright and modern colours but also in way that is very mannerist (16th century movement) from pink, yellow, blue, green. It is a superb collection that can seem precious at first but is in fact very modern with the mixture of the individual and floral patterns. Personally I love this! I just remembered, I had already spotted some of their mugs and plates at the Frozen Fountain, our favourite shop in Amsterdam.

From 26 euros….