Kocowisch and the elegance of light…

Beautiful discovery made in the Dutch designer section at the Milan fair, Kocowisch is a Dutch design studio, based in Utrecht. He looks to explore, develop and maintain unique timeless high end products of great quality. Their first collection “Kocohedron” is a piece of mathematical beauty. Elaborated with 5 geometric shapes, she comes in 3 sizes and various colours, gold, copper, chrome or painted. The collection is hand made and manufactured in the Netherlands. We loved the diffused warm lighting and the sober and very contemporary shapes. Another advantage is that these lamps may be hung using pretty coloured strings or they can be placed on the floor…


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We love these Spanish lights, a real Dutch style !!!

De la Espada is multi-cultural, it was founded in 1993 by Lui De Oliveira and Fatima. Originating respectively from Porto and Madrid and educated in London, the founders opened the first shop in 1996. The factory is in Portugal but the firm evolved under certain influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, architects such as Tadao Ando, John Pawson and Alvaro Siza, and by Scandinavian design from the 1950’s. For us, we fell in love with the lights and the furniture made out of solid oak and refined outlines.


ask for prices.

Single_Octopus_blue_300x200 Lattice_Blue2web_300x200 Flying_Spider_by_Autoban_300x200

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Flying vases from Lotte Douwes

2011 graduate from the Eindhoven Academy, Lotte created her own studio the same year. She likes integrating a too often forgotten element within the environment of rooms! Indeed, ceilings are at Lotte’s honor as she uses them to create emphasis on a sensation of space and bring a dynamic element in very static interiors.

Her “spatial vase” is a good example. Very simple to hang thanks to a rope and sheave (which with is delivered with it) you literally involve the ceiling in the room.

Beautiful project Lotte ! Refined, elegant with a poetic touch!

We also liked discovering her end of studies project “Lamp&Socket”, the idea is original and practical to find to carry by hand, on top of a desk, a bar… The duo of a lamp and electrical socket to easily charge cellphones, computers… Which takes nothing away from the pragmatic aspect of the object, the porcelain brings an elegant and refined aspect to it.

prices : 180 euros  for Lamp&Socket. 198 euros for Spacial vase.


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LAMP IN A KIT – Studio Hamerhaai

There’s not only IKEA that has a practical spirit !
This young pair of autodidact designers that we met in Eindhoven are launching their second project with this lamp that struck us in the eye! Large or small model… to place or hang … it all depends on what you feel like! The nice side of it is being able to personalise the colour of the electric cable and the elastic string that you have to set up yourself. It’s structure is in steel with either black or aluminium colour.
This lamp is sold as a kit which facilitates its transport, very good idea.. Boudewijn Van Den Bosch & Niki Schoodergang.

PRICE 110€


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The brilliance and lightness of soap bubbles !

Sebastian Scherer is German and not Dutch indeed but we nonetheless fell for his creations that are totally in spirit with ArtyMooi. He studied industrial design at the university of applied sciences in Aachen. After having received his diploma in 2004, he moved to Berlin and worked as a freelance designer for architects and study offices. It was in 2014, after having won the prize with his Lexus design lamp made out of glowing crystal “Iris” that he decided to create his own furniture brand NEO/CRAFT.

Their forms are often falsely simple, after all it’s the details that make up the originality of each object like the Iris suspension that hangs in the air alike a soap bubble made by hand and made into multiple colours for our greatest pleasure!!

We discovered Neo Craft at the Milan salon, his creations evoke the purity and aesthetics of Nordic countries’ design..

They have just informed us that they are currently participating at the “London Design Festival” to present their new collection “diamond lights”. They will send us press photos and of course will not miss out on keeping us up to date !

Prices : prices from 2550 to 3350 €


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Just beautiful ! Asteri

A small parenthesis on one of our favourites that we wish to share with you as we could not resist strolling through this design district between Saint Germain and Sèvres Babylone. We fell for this amazing space animated with unique pieces where lights accompany mirrors, furniture and drawn carpets made by Nathalie Du Pasquier, and yes of course it’s at “Asteri’s” !




A beautifully daring and farfetched collection, well done Roos !

Studio Kalff, Roos Kalff showed us their work at the design week in Milan but we’d already admired their work in various renown boutiques throughout Amsterdam such as Droog, the Frozen fountain…

She comes from an old Dutch family and has developed her inspirations from her parent’s house which has always been full of antiques and transformed throughout generations. She is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld academy and has created a tablecloth entitled “Table skin Embroidery” for the concept store Droog Design which collaborates with the Rijksmuseum here in Amsterdam. The pattern was inspired by a drawing dating back from the 15th century drawn by the artist Albrecht Durer whom was promoted and displayed in their collection Rijksstudio. It’s a style of table cloth made out of ancient lace however the material looks similar to the protective layer of tissue usually placed under table cloths. A swipe of sponge and that is all that is needed!!!

Her latest piece is a table that has a wooden plateau sealed to ceramic feet. The whole has a more or less baroque appearance as once again these are modern materials inspired by ancient models.

She has also had the opportunity of collecting enormous quantities of second hand glass that she uses to reinvent new forms and new functions. We were able to admire her collection of lights, candle holders and we love their farfetched aspect , its original but chic! Her work is handmade in her own workspace as she puts a lot of value to artisanal fabrications.

We couldn’t resist the temptation of leaving with candle holders, the only pieces that could actually fit in our suitcases but otherwise we would have come back with way more things !!! This is a small souvenir that has a lot of allure in our living rooms.

To order contact info@artymooi.com

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Les napperons de tata Paulette…et non ! Lampes très design

Rive · Roshan – Bio Rive ·

Rive Roshan – Waywang Light Collection – www.riveroshan.comThey are a design duo that met whilst working in the studio of Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam. Ruben de la Rive is Dutch and Golnar Roshan is Australian. They set up their studio in Amsterdam in 2012 and moved to London to pursue other projects. Golnar was offered a job based in London with Dutch designer Tord Boontje. They are still very connected to Amsterdam and travel back and forth between the two cities. Their work aims to reinterpret human cultural heritage into new forms and is based on the belief that the adorned surface can be a carrier of culture in past, present and future. So to be a little less academic, their latest creation “Wayang lights” is inspired by Javanese puppet theater, or light and shadow play together. The combination of history and the modernity of materials (plexiglass) is a great success !

Rive Roshan – Waywang Light Collection – www.riveroshan.com

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Beautiful collections at Seletti

Well displayed at the latest Maison&Object Salon, the Seletti brand takes us away into an anti conformist and ludic universe whether it be lamps, china or other decorative objects. We always fall for this farfetched, unusual and fanciful aspect.

An absolute best seller, the Pantone collection apposes its famous chromatic edition on daily objects. The collection of dishes made out of Estetico quotidiano china diverges from the usually disposable crockery whilst on the other hand, the Hybrid plates and bowls, which we spotted at the very beginning of the Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, offer an incredible mixture of traditionalism and modernism. Basically, the only watchword: creativity! We love it !!

1c73e9ab-4a2b-43b1-8edc-e151e53b25d8-catalog_listseletti-07906-ambthe_midas_cutleryImage 7SELETTI-boites-1102118e8a4ce1-0855-4eda-87d5-7645e44ae195-catalog_list©www.levetchristophe.fr©www.levetchristophe.fr©www.levetchristophe.fr