“Plantation”…second life…

Abandoned glasses underneath bus shelters, next to public benches or in front of bars… this is what the creator Alicia Patanowska chasses whilst strolling through London between 4 and 6 o’clock when the city is still asleep. After returning back home, she manufactures supports made out of ceramics, each glass sized, she then pierces a whole in the middle of the ceramic to allow the roots of the plant to reach the water. This creation enables one to observe the evolution of the plant, to give a second life to these glasses. On top of that, it is a very pretty collection, that is very fresh, minimalist and very decorative .




The green plants are taking over your indoors…

It is one of the latest new trends this year, green plants are taking over our interior, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms… They come in pots, but also can come with suspensions, the supports are varied you can find some in ropes, in rattan for a vintage style but also in marble, leather, glass for an elegant and chic touch! There are some that even have a double function: decoration and lighting! ArtyMooi was heart-struck for the “water drops” suspensions made out of transparent glass with a rope attached to the ceiling, inside there is a small thick pineapple styled plant that you will only need to hydrate from time to time! For a small story I have a gas pipe that isn’t very original … but it was the best opportunity to hang my plant! A few examples in picture, live from Amsterdam… Ask ArtyMooi for address.


Tim van de Weerd, your plants will flourish…….

We had a very nice encounter at Eindhoven’s design week with Tim (young graduate from Utrecht’s School of Arts) who spoke about his passion with so much pleasure that we really fell for him… and his products, of course! : the “Monstera Magnifica Fugiens” big white pots heightened by long thing legs that are as fragile as the roots of a plant. It involved a long manufacturing proceedure which encompasses artisanal work and technical precision. We love this object for it’s material choice (steel, epoxy, lacquer) but also for its elegance, its fascinating shape and this idea of movement that reminds us that plants are indeed well alive… Thank you Tim and congratulations

IMG_2518 IMG_2517