“Plantation”…second life…

Abandoned glasses underneath bus shelters, next to public benches or in front of bars… this is what the creator Alicia Patanowska chasses whilst strolling through London between 4 and 6 o’clock when the city is still asleep. After returning back home, she manufactures supports made out of ceramics, each glass sized, she then pierces a whole in the middle of the ceramic to allow the roots of the plant to reach the water. This creation enables one to observe the evolution of the plant, to give a second life to these glasses. On top of that, it is a very pretty collection, that is very fresh, minimalist and very decorative .




Esther Derks, porcelain from grand mother…

During the Milan Fiera, we made a beautiful discovery in the Milan’s Renaissance Palace where all the Dutch designers were reunited in this magnificent place. Esther Derks works with different materials, porcelain, faience, ceramics, glass… She combines traditional and modern techniques. We admired her latest collection ‘Improved China’ where she uses the principle of serigraphy on porcelain. She photographs floral elements in nature then revises them on her computer, she then adds images of dancers, athletes that inspire expressions of movements with bodies that seem to float… the whole is made in very bright and modern colours but also in way that is very mannerist (16th century movement) from pink, yellow, blue, green. It is a superb collection that can seem precious at first but is in fact very modern with the mixture of the individual and floral patterns. Personally I love this! I just remembered, I had already spotted some of their mugs and plates at the Frozen Fountain, our favourite shop in Amsterdam.


From 26 euros….


Amsterdam is always on the move…

Yes always on the move Amsterdam…even vases !!!


Front blow away vaas from MOOOI

Beautiful collections at Seletti

Well displayed at the latest Maison&Object Salon, the Seletti brand takes us away into an anti conformist and ludic universe whether it be lamps, china or other decorative objects. We always fall for this farfetched, unusual and fanciful aspect.

An absolute best seller, the Pantone collection apposes its famous chromatic edition on daily objects. The collection of dishes made out of Estetico quotidiano china diverges from the usually disposable crockery whilst on the other hand, the Hybrid plates and bowls, which we spotted at the very beginning of the Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, offer an incredible mixture of traditionalism and modernism. Basically, the only watchword: creativity! We love it !!

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