Heetman / Patij

hans jaap

How did you become a designer ?
We started off separately as graphic designers and joined ‘forces’ in 2012 to do the work we’ve always wanted to do: interior product design. We want to create objects with character and put a smile on the users face ; we humanize and humorize.

Where do you look for inspiration ?
Inspiration is all around us. We get ours from everyday life by looking differently at objects one would perceive as normal. By doing this the outcome can be very surprising sometimes.

What material do you use ? and why ?
We usually do not use the material as the starting point, but most of the time our choice derives from what the design needs. So far we’ve used materials as: ceramics, metal, concrete, corck and glass. These materials might make our designs look industrial and hard, but our products are actually very human-like and easy to grasp, with an industrial touch.

How and where do you manufacture your product ?
All of our products are manufactured in Holland except for the Tube-Chair.

What else are you working for ?
At the moment we’re working on a few new projects like a series of pen-trays and a product we want to produce in collaboration with Cor Unum Ceramics.

Which is your cursus ?
We both studied at The Design Academy in Eindhoven

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