Jeroen Verdaasdonk


How did you become a designer ?

I never realy made the decision to become a designer, it simply happened. My background lies within engineering, but i always had a verry creative aproach of things and an urge to express myself in a creative way rather than technical. It seems now that the combination of both skills really give my a sort of balance in my work.

Where do you look for inspiration ?
I get inspired by many things, but what i try to do is to bring different fields togheter.
For example in my vases i’ve combined folding architecture with product design and asked myself the question how can i create a product with the architectual folding techniques.
In my lamps i’ve combigned craft and technology; craft the handmade inner screen vs. technology; the wooden lasercut structure that surrounds the screen protecting it’s fragile appearance.

What material do you use ? and why ?

I always start with a shape, and further on i decide wich material suits best, and i don’t haven a preference for a material.
Manufacturing differs, the production method for the vases was developed by myself so therfore i make them myself.
But when i can use a conventional way of producing i work with a small network of suppliers.

How and where do you manufacture your product ?

At this moment i also help companies develop their products by doing the 3D engineering part, besides that i also work as an engineer.


046816,143564 031411,100205


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