Jolanda van Goor


How did you become a designer ?
As a child I was interessed in furniture, accessories and (living) spaces. I was always busy with changing and styling my bedroom. But also the role of furniture I found fascinating. It can be a functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. And it can be made from many materials, including metal, plastic,wood and fabrics. I like different styles and combine them again.
Where do you look for inspiration ?

I get my inspiration from the different textures, shapes, and colours that exist in nature. “If you look carefully at things, under the microscope, you sometimes see the most vivid colours and unusual shapes. You can see phenomena that you wouldn’t expect to exist in nature.” Another inspiration is the hectic pace of the city, and how people move within it. “In the city, you can find so many functions in such a small space. This forces you to do things as functionally and economically as possible. That’s why my products sometimes have multiple functions.”

“My goal is to design products that are functional, and that make people happy.” That’s why I create products with a casual design, that easily fit in different rooms and interiors. But these are also products that stand out: “I hope that people sometimes stop and really take a look.” To make this happen, she works with special and beautiful materials, and with abstract but still recognizable shapes or bright colours. My work
is pure, simple, and fresh. Functional products with a wink.

What material do you use ? and why ?

I prefer to work with natural and recycled materials. For example sustainable wood, roving, remainders of the textile industry and led lights. To explore these materials, and I’m curious about what you can do with them. I take the time to research, experiment, and test things out. My products are produced in an artisanal way. But my latest product Contorno N° 9 & N° 14 ( side table) is made of Powder coated steel with copper and bronz. And my table lamp Lighten UP is made of Powder coated wood, steel with copper and bronze. I wanted to give a luxurious and rich look for these products.

How and where do you manufacture your product ?

My products are produced in an artisanal way, by companies in my region. I like to work with small companies. With them you can create a band which is in favor for the product. They know what your goal is with the product

What else are you working for ?

Now I’m working on expanding my new designs collection Contorno and Lighten Up but also I’m working on expanding the collection My Granny… .
Besides design, I also give lessons to a secondary school. I give Art & Drawing.

Which is your cursus ?
I studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Academy of Fine Art in Education) and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Architectural Design). After graduating in 2010, I founded Studio Jolanda van Goor.

lightenup_1 IMG_4136 IMG_4135



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