If you were to be a color ? Which one would you be ?

I think I would say black…but thinking about that a bit longer, that is just a “color” I can’t do without but thinking about my personallity I would say a more brighter color…maybe a “chanel” lipstick red or peach color.

If you were to be a country ?

A country where the weather is good. I love the sun. But also love city life, so a country combining that….?

Japan was always on my list and will visit that next week. And cannot wait to go back to New York!

If you were to be a material ?

Wool ! I love to work with wool.

If you were to be a decoration object or a furniture ?

A blanket off course, or just a decorative object without a function.

If you were to be music ?
I really appreciate the music of Nils Frahm

If you were a time period ?

off course the roaring twenties…

If you were to be an architect ?

Well I like the postmodern Portland Municipal Services Building in Portland, Oregon, done by Michael Graves, I recently discovered.

But can also appreciate more simple architecture. Coming week I will visit the Katsura in Kyoto, I am sure I will love that.

If you were to be an architecture from Amsterdam ?

Off course I like the Amsterdamse School architecture. I do not like futuristic buildings, i am more into mimimalistic architecture.

If you were to be a painter ?

Sonia Delaunay. Love her style, also in textiles.

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives

positive – energetic – creative

Who is your favorite designer ?

I don’t have a favorite one..there are a few I like…for example the collections of Miu Miu

Your favorite place in Amsterdam ?

I love a lot of places…but the Jordaan area is my favorite I think..

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