Marga van Oers


How did you become a designer ?
I think that you are born a designer, it’s in your blood. With that feeling I started the Academy of Visual Arts & Design. This journey was also the beginning of StoryTiles

Where do you look for inspiration ?
I’m inspired by Old Dutch tiles, the Old Whites from the 16th Century, but also by the texture of tiles. I love people and animals this is something that recurs in my StoryTile designs.

What material do you use ? and why ?
I love to work with ceramics, because the material is very editable. With my collages I like to create a new wereld with many different images.

How and where do you manufacture your product ?
StoryTiles is made in Holland. The tiles are traditionally baked by an original Dutch tile baker In the Netherlands.

What else are you working for ?
I also love to create designs on wood, it’s called Storywood. Also, I’m constantly working on new designs for StoryTiles.

PR-hertenkamp-150x150 Volg-mij-2-150x150 Junglegirl-150x150 27-Zwemmen-150x150 Banner_bloemist_nootje-delen2


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