Studio Kalff, Roos Kalff


Hi Roos,

How did you become a designer ?

After studying for Art teacher in Amsterdam I started working in the film industry in the art department. After climbing the ranks and working as production designer for a number of years I decided it was time to focus on my own ideas again and I went to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. I graduated in architectural design in 2009.

Where do you look for inspiration ?

I come from an old Dutch family and my parental home was always full of antique that had been handed down from generation to generation. You can see this reflected in my designs, I am very much interested in form and function but definitely don’t shy away from a baroque approach when I’m putting things together. I aim to make things that will be around for a while and don’t just fit well in a modern minimalistic environment.

What material do you use ? and why ?

Another important aspect of my work is the fact that all the glass I use comes from second hand shops and redundant collections. In my workshop I have collected an enormous amount of second hand glass that I can pick and choose from. I have it specially prepared to make it suitable for me to work with. My aim in every design is to redefine the form and function of the objects I use, upgrading them in the recycling process.

How and where do you manufacture your product ?

All my work is hand made and produced in my own workshop. It’s a pretty labor intensive process but pays off in the end product. I never intended to produce work on an industrial level. I like the fact that every piece has passed through my own hands and whoever buys something I have made knows that it has had my full attention. For me it’s not about finding the cheapest place to mass produce a predesigned article. That’s not where the fun is to be had.

What else are you working for ?

Droog Design took a silicon tablecloth ‘Table skin Embroidery’ in production that I designed for their collaboration with the Rijksmuseum here in Amsterdam. The pattern was inspired by a drawing by the 15th centaury artist Albrecht Durer and was featured in their Rijksstudio collection.

My latest piece is a table that consists of an inlayed wooden top combined with ceramic legs. It’s kind of baroque in its appearance, again modern materials inspired by historical design.

Which is your cursus ?

I finished education as an Art teacher in 1992. After a career in the film industry, I graduated in Architectural Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2009 and founded

You can buy items on our Christmas Shopping’ s page

Studio-Kalff-Droplets(1of-3) Studio-Kalff-Louis-2015(2-of-2) Studio-Kalff-Table-Pieces-(1-of-2) Studio-Kalff-Table-Lamp-(2-of-2) tafel 31 mei (38 of 1)PastedGraphic-1candlelights1-colorThis-side-up glasses2IMG_6913IMG_6912


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